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Have Any Gm Experience?:I was an aministrator/gm at InfinityRose...It was a server with lots of bug and it was new also. My friend made it and he paid for the server so i decided to help him. I m good at basic coding such as C++ Basics Dunno if i can help u or not. After 2 weeks, the server closed due to my friend in hospital cuz he hadn't slept in 4 days.So now i m looking for server that needs help.

Ever Been A Gm Before,How Long Were You A Gm?:Yes i have been GM at Infinity Rose for about 2 weeks then it closed.

What Are You Willing To Do When U Join The Staff?:I m willing to help the BOSS with her problem such as mini bugs or other basic codings. I will also report Server data to players about wuts gunna happen and when. Another thing that comes in handy is i can make videos about server or make advertisements for people to come to server.

How many Hours Are You Active On Forum/Server? um the MAXIMUM i can be on is 7 hours sorry but usually its 5 hours. I m on for about 12 hours at weekends[Friday, saturday, and Sunday.

Qualities?:Good with players. Creative person and will never back stab u Very Happy Very Happy
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