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 tranlays GM Application

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PostSubject: tranlays GM Application   tranlays GM Application Icon_minitimeMon Apr 27, 2009 11:35 am


Name: Peter
Age: 17
Gender: Male
IGN: tranlay
JobClass: Raider
Home Address: 13 St Johns Street, Cabramatta, Australia NSW
Email Add: petertran.13@hotmail.com


Maximum time online: may be up to 12hours a day if not busy, hardly busy ;D
Maximum days online: How many i desire

Why do you want to become a GM: I want to help new comers, guide them into the game, What there is, commands, what sells what. I also like making events because whenever I am online, no GMS are on or they're AFK. I like to go onto the forums and help people with technical difficulties and so on. I am very active as well

Experience and Background being a GM: I have little experience. I have GM command log from past experience.

Why should we get you as a GM: Because I am very active and like to help players become more into the game and help ODESROSE become #1 out of all the other severs which currently exist. I have many years of ROSE experience

How can you help us to grow? : I will definitely invite all my friends to ODESROSE to help the community grow, and they will tell there friends which becomes a chain and ODESROSE grows more and more bigger ;D

Brag about yourself here ^_^: I know how to fix technical difficulties with connecting to the game for new comers if they have problems. I am very cool xD
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tranlays GM Application
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