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 GM Application [SynC]

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PostSubject: GM Application [SynC]   GM Application [SynC] Icon_minitimeFri Apr 17, 2009 6:19 pm

Name: Mark Hernandez
Age: 18
Gender: Male
IGN: [Not yet Created will be GeForce]
JobClass: [Not yet][will be Cleric]
Home Address: General Trias Cavite,Philippines
Email Add: GeForce1995@yahoo.com


Maximum time online: up to 7-8 hrs.. or Further depends on the Day
Maximum days online: 24/7

Why do you want to become a GM: Simply,I want to become GM 'coz I want o help other players or newbies in the Game. Guide them in Everything they do.. Help them with their Problems or Questions..
Spread Out Good Practice of Conduct and Respect
I want to be a GM 'coz I know a GM should be Trustworthy,Honest and a Very Fast Learner!

Experience and Background being a GM: I've Experienced Being a GM before like 4 Times..
I Brought a PiC serves an Evidence of Being a GM Look!
GM Application [SynC] Screen10
As u Can see my Zulie is Only 10k..'coz I gave some0ne who needs it 'coz of bugg..No worries I have the Permission of the Admin..

Why should we get you as a GM: GM is a position it means "Game Moderator" not "Game Master" Game Moderator has the Responsibility to take place whatever it was.. Responsibility of making the Community Productive!

How can you help us to grow? : I can help like I said I will practice the Right Conduct and Respect to the whole Server!

Brag about yourself here ^_^: I'm a Trustworthy , Honest , Productive and an Industrious Person..

I'll wait for the Final Result! Thank You!
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GM Application [SynC]
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