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 Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2

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[GM] Odes

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PostSubject: Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2   Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 10, 2008 7:53 pm

3. Gather pumpkin seeds
They're on the same map. Only regular pumpkins drop them, but it's a 100%
drop. Be careful, your level is almost certaintly still in the single
digits, so watch out for hostile monsters.
4. Return to Karitte
5. Bring the antidote to the mushroom patch
There's a 30 minute time limit on this, which simply isn't an issue, as you
can easily do this in 5.
6. Cure the village
After you talk to the elder or fisherman (it's one of the two), you have to
deliver the cure to the smith and Pony, then report back to the chieftain.
You have 15 minutes to do this, regardless of your remaining time from the
previous quest. If you can't find Pony, he's west of basically everything
else in town, next to a couple of crates.

*Zant Quests*
7. A round of finger-pointing
You'll be sent to talk to several people, one of which is Karitte, the rest
of which can be found in Zant. Make use of your minimap, wade through a sea
of shops and move on. You get a LOT of experience for this, and will likely
gain at LEAST one full level for 2 minutes of effort.
8. The Woopy King
Welcome to the first hard quest, and the biggest bottleneck in the game. The
first thing you should realize is that you almost certaintly can't do this
quest when you first get it. A full group can probably attempt it at 18, a
normal group at 20, and you should be able to solo it by 22. Don't worry,
there's several other quests you can do in Zant, and plenty of nearby places
for quick leveling, including the lesser woopies. Gluttony woopies are
rather good exp once you can handle them.
Once you're ready to fight the Woopy King, there's a few things you should
be aware of:
A. He spawns roughly every 2 minutes, north or east of Zant.
B. He has about 2000 HP... be prepared.
C. Whenever he says, "I announce you to this field!" someone (NOT always the
person he's currently attacking) is about to get whacked for around 150
HP. Heal up fast.
D. He doesn't always drop the key you need. Be prepared for multiple fights,
and yes, be prepared to compete with all the other groups working on this
E. No matter how frustrating this quest gets, it's worth it. You get some
VERY nice rewards later on.
F. A few gluttony woopies spawn at the same time about 30 seconds before
their king. As soon as they appear, start looking...
9. Restore the hourglass
The hourglass is that thing with the stairs in the left side of town. Just
walk to the top and you'll get a popup. Yes, it's that easy, and yes, it
took me quite some time to realize this. Smile
10. Talk to a few people
Talk to each person it says to. You'll speak to Karitte last, who will
reward you, then send you to Junon.

*Junon Quests*
11. Talk to Haren and Bellia (both on the right side of town.)
I'm pretty sure you don't need the ring, but keep it until you do this just
in case. To reach Junon, walk up from Zant to El Veroon Desert (where you
can get a quest or two in the southeast corner if interested), then east to
Lake Anima (exit in the extreme upper right), then to the middle south to
the Junon map. Walk across the bridge and you're there. Be careful, you'll
be walking past some purples (enemies way over your level) for this.
Note: For the next few quests, you'll be returning to Haren, Bellia, or both.
12. Kill Queen Bee Bees and Fighter Lekis
If you were able to handle the Woopy King, you can manage these. Both of
them are found in El Veroon Desert. Yes, Master Queens count as queens, but
be careful, they're significantly stronger, and I don't recommend soloing
them. (2 people can handle them fine.) The fighter lekis are found in the
northern regions of the map, and the queen bees are found in several
locations. Either pick a spot you like and camp it, or just circle the map.
You will likely spend most of your time on this quest looking for queens,
since there are far less of them than lekis.
13. Kill Aqua Warriors
These are one tiny step up from the lekis, and you only need 5 drops from
them. This should be very easy if the last quest wasn't a problem. The lake
in the desert is heavily camped and it takes forever to get the needed
kills. Don't waste your time. There's far more warriors in Anima Lake, and
though there's a lot of people there too, there's never a long wait for
normal warriors.
14. Use the potion
Be ready to fight a fairly strong zombie. He's tough, but as long as you
use one of the defense scrolls you recently received, you should have no
trouble. If someone steals your kill, you won't get the needed drop. You
then have to go all the way back to Junon, get a new potion (no, you don't
have to get the ingredients again), and try again.
15. Talk to Haroon, then return to Haron and Bellia.
He's right in the middle of Anima Lake under a wooden structure. Walk
straight north out of town and you'll soon see him on your minimap.
16. Kill Captain Moldies
OW. At level 35, these guys still hurt, and it's still quite possible to
die, even in a group. At 30, you can do this in a group, and before then,
it's rediculously hard. The good news is that Junon has far more quests
than Zant did. The bad news is that they all require you to be at least
level 30. You're basically stuck fighting random stuff until 30. Hopefully
they'll add a few quests to fill in this gap.
Once you're ready, the fights are pretty straightforward. Just remember,
the captains are considered minibosses - if they seem stronger than their
color suggests, that's why.
You have the option in this quest of getting more than 20 pieces of gold.
You get a bonus 500 zuly for each extra one you get, up to a maximum of 30
(giving you a bonus 15,000 zuly.) Whether this is worth it or not is up to
you, but since you're likely still trying to level enough to be ready for
the other quests in Junon and part 17 of this quest, it's generally a good
idea to go for the 50.
17. Kill Guardian Trees
Again, there's a jump of a couple levels, but this time there's no huge
gap. You'll find the entrance to the Forest of Wisdom in the upper right
corner of the Anima Lake map. The trees themselves spawn in several places
along the right side. Be careful, the trees themselves aren't very
dangerous, but they summon small enemies called scarabes in huge
numbers, and those can easily drop you. If you don't have anything that
does splash damage yet, this is a good time to learn something that does.
Thanks to Jack and Akra for pointing out an error here. (I though it was
just looking for some kind of smallee.)
18. Talk to Bellia
19. Place the Eye of Owl
Walk around near Haroon, and you'll get a popup telling you you found a
rock to hide it behind.
20. Talk to Bellia, then Ever
21. Kill Grunter Kings and Caiman Warriors
Grunter Kings can be found in the upper right corner of the Forest of
Wisdom (2 spawn there.) A lot of people don't realize there's also a spawn
right outside of Junon - hang a left from the bridge and go all the way to
the edge of the map. These guys are hard, but like with all bosses, there
should be a huge number of people helping you out. You won't be so lucky
with the Caiman's. Those you'll find throughout the Beach of Genzi map.
The Caiman's aren't especially powerful for their level - but their level
is somewhere in the 50's. You should be able to handle them by 50, and can
definitely take them by 53 or 54. If you can't find the Beach of Genzi map,
it's directly south of the Forest of Wisdom.
22. Talk to Ever, then Haroon, then Ever again
23. Kill Doonga Origins
Head back to the Beach of Genzi...
The FAQ currently ends here, as I haven't completed this part yet.
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PostSubject: Re: Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2   Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2 Icon_minitimeSat Mar 15, 2008 4:01 am

Good quest walkthrough ! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2   Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2 Icon_minitimeSun Mar 16, 2008 11:19 pm

An good quest Very Happy
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Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2   Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2 Icon_minitime

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Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 2
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