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 Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 1

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PostSubject: Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 1   Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 1 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 10, 2008 7:52 pm

R.O.S.E. Online Episode Quest FAQ
Currently covers up to L50ish
1. Intro and comments
2. What is ROSE?
3. What is the episode quest?
4. General tips
5. Detailed walkthrough
1. Intro and comments
I noticed a complete lack of guides for ROSE, and figured that a lot of
people would like to know about the main quest line in the game, and how to get
through parts of it. This FAQ is the result of that. Since the game is Korean
and still in early beta, a lot of it hasn't been fully translated yet. I'm
referring to each part of the quest by objective rather than by the in-game
name for each part, since those names are likely to change before release.
Comments, questions, corrections, etc are welcome. Hate mail, flames, and
other garbage will be deleted, ignored, and generally result in you wasting a
lot more of your time than mine.
2. What is ROSE?
Rush On Seven Episodes (ROSE) Online is an MMORPG by Triggersoft and
Gravity. I have no clue what else Triggersoft made, but Gravity is famous for
Ragnarok Online. ROSE is often jokingly referred to as Ragnarok Online Second
Edition because 1) no one's quite sure what the actual title is supposed to
mean Smile and 2) a LOT of stuff is very similar to RO. Basically, take RO, add
a quest system, make the character classes more interesting, make the level
curve gentler, and add a lot of cool extra stuff like cars, make the world 3D,
and you have ROSE.
For the curious, I play an offensive muse named Sren.
If you haven't already been there, http://www.roseon.com has all the basic
game info. As of right now, no especially well-known fan sites exist. When they
start to appear, I'll list a few here.
3. What is the Episode Quest?
The Episode Quest is a massive, many part quest that covers the main
storyline of the game... emphasis on the massive. The quest starts at level 5
and will likely go to near level 200! The quest is broken down into many linked
sections. On your quest log, one of your quests will have a globe with a ring
around it. That's it.
4. General Tips
1. There are several places where the quest path takes a big level jump...
seven or eight levels in some cases. This often means that the part you're
on may simply not be doable until you gain a few levels. Look for other
quests, find other sources of XP, then come back.
2. Hovering over an NPC on your minimap gives you the name of that NPC. This
can save you a lot of walking and searching through piles of shops.
3. Some of the NPCs have been renamed, but the quest log hasn't been updated
to show these changes. If you don't see the name you're looking for, the
closest one is it. For instance, you'll see Rook mentioned as Ronk. This
will likely be fixed before the open beta ends.
4. When fighting a monster, the first person to hit it gets the quest item.
Once you have all the needed quest items, don't hit first until everyone
else does too. Remember, it's first HIT, not first attack. If you don't see
a damage number, it didn't count it.
5. Learn how to get a monster's aggro (agression) to switch targets. When your
support muse hits something so he can get a quest item, you'll want to get
that monster off of him quickly. The soldier's taunt is the best option for
this, but failing that, any high damage attack or quick series of attacks
should work. To simply get a monster OFF you, anything that stuns or knocks
out the monster will reset it when the effect wears off (so as long as you
aren't hitting it at the time, someone else takes the blows.)
6. Watch out for stars. A monster with a star next to its name is stronger than
a monster of its level would normally be. If it's a bronze star, there
usually won't be a big difference, but if there's a silver star (miniboss),
the difference is quite large. Gold star (boss) monsters generally are
more or less guarenteed to require a group unless you're either overleveled
for the quest, or packing an uber item like a Blood Scroll.
7. Watch out for timers. Some of the quests are timed. This is always done for
a good reason (for instance, you have to deliver a cure before it expires),
and you usually have plenty of time, but make sure you don't start a timed
quest you can't finish before logging out.
8. Some quests objectives have an extended version, usually for a bonus reward.
For instance, when you need 20 of something, you might be told you can bring
back up to 50, and will be paid extra zuly for every one beyond the 20th
that you get.
9. Town scrolls are useful. If you get sent halfway across the world to do
something, you probably don't want to walk all the way back.
10. Watch for quests that are easily done at the same time. You might need to
grab items for something to build a magic item, while at the same time, an
unrelated quest involves getting items from the same monster, or one that
spawns in the same place. Make use of this and you could easily finish a
quest without even trying to work on it.
11. Charisma helps... a lot. It raises the drop rate of quest items (and items
period for that matter), and increases quest rewards.
12. Don't be afraid to party. Several of the quests become much easier if you
have a group, and even if that does mean you need more items, it may still
be faster than going solo. At the same time, never feel you HAVE to party.
Nearly all of the parts can be soloed, and all of them can if you level a
bit past normal and don't mind burning a few extra restorative items.
5. Detailed Walkthrough
I wrote some of the earlier parts of this from memory, and may have gotten
an NPC or two wrong. If you catch an error, please email me (address is at the
top of this document.)
I have not included the rewards you get in this walkthrough. This is
because not only are many of them likely to change, but also because charisma
changes many of the quantities, especially exp and zuly.
When the quest involves talking to several people in a row, I've listed it
as one part.
I have intentionally revealed as little storyline as possible to avoid
spoilers. However, completely avoiding them is impossible.

[First World Quests]

*Adventure Plains Village Quests*
1. Explore the mushroom patch
Either the fisherman or the village chieftain in the Aventure Plains starts
this. You need to simply walk up to the mushroom until you get a popup, then
return to say what you found. The patch is all the way to the south of the
map, and a tiny bit west of town (walk straight south from town and you'll
see it.) The entrance is a bit tricky to find, you need to approach
it from the east. Look for a nearby place you can walk uphill.
2. Talk to Karitte the cleric
This is pretty self-explantory. Head north to the next map, then walk
straight up. You'll see her in the big tower. I recommend using the far west
entrance to this map so you run into less aggro stuff. Beware of cowboy
pumpkins, hornets, and the wanderer leki. All 3 are hostile, and at your
level, you may need to run, ESPECIALLY from the leki.
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Episode Quest Walkthrough Part 1
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