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 Battle Muse Guide part 2 of 1

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[GM] Odes
[GM] Odes

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PostSubject: Battle Muse Guide part 2 of 1   Battle Muse Guide part 2 of 1 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 10, 2008 7:44 pm

Stat Builds: Its plenty explained below...
Str: Most of your dual damage right here. Your going to want this not
just because of the damage increase, but also because your going
to be multi-tasking 2 defensive powers. Str increases defense
too, and the HP goes nice with it and bless body =D
Dex: Still a key stat. Probably taking some of the thunder out of you
getting high sen or something because you need both to hurt. You
want this stuff to hold your duals. You also want it to combo
your defensive strategy and also because this makes your duals
Int: Just like any knowledgeable muse, you'll need this to increase
your buff power and mana pool. AND you can use this to increase
the 3rd corner of the defensive pyramid, "Magic Defense".
Con: You actually want a little bit of this. Duals are slow, so it
really sucks when you miss =P whereas most muses would put this
at like 20.. You might feel safer with about 50 or so.
Cha: ...
Sen: You might not have room for this.. so donít depend too much on
crit (leaves you some SP openings since you wont get crit support)

Calling upon both spectrums of the damage tree, the Dual muse ensures not only
high amounts of damage for a mere slow attack speed, but also both sides of the
defensive spectrum. Dex is used not only to hold the weapons, but also does a
good % of the damage. It also increases the players dodge rate. Str is used
to increase the damage of dual weapons at large rates, as well as the defense
of the character. Mix this with evasion aura and defensive aura, and you have
quite a powerful dual-defensive combo.

Skills: (As Muse)
Meditation Tree: Guess what! Thereís actually a difference here!! Its the
defensive part of the dual spectrum =D
Blessing Armor (5) Defense is key!!! You increase your defense greater
then that of the soldier (thanks to int) AND you donít have to worry
about any negative effects =P Unfortunately it still doesnít last long
^_^;; But you'll need it if you want to get defensive aura later on.
Summon Tree: (Optional)
Spell Mastery Tree: Wow.. changes here too! This ones just an alteration
however ^_^
Firering (4)Regarding this.. Just know that since you'll be more damage
dependant then speed.. Every hit WILL COUNT. So make it! Its preferred
that you'll get this up to a higher lvl then with a fast attacker so
get it as high as you can.
Magic Arms Mastery Tree: (Optional)

Skills: (As Cleric)
Meditation Tree: More defensive skills for you to get now. In addiction to
what the katar muse gets (read above) you can also get
defensive aura (maybe if you want to be nice to your party)
and Magical Aura.
Defensive Aura: Not a big increase in your defense like bless armor.
But this lasts a lot longer. Its also good if you want to help your
partyís defense. Only +25 defense at lvl 1 though.
Magical Aura: Increases magic defense, maybe you'll want this as a high
defensive strategy character and it combo's nicely with all the other
defensive powers.
Summon Tree: (Optional)
Spell Mastery Tree: Well.. if you didnít increase firering when you were a
muse, nowís the chance. And just out of pure
speculation of what I wrote for 1H swords, maybe you'll
want to get mild here too. After all, you will have
great defense, more wouldnít hurt any ^_^.
Magic Arms Mastery Tree: (Optional)

Section 4: 1H muse [XYY] (Swords, maces)

Stat Effects:
Str: 100% Damage
Dex: ...
Int: Increases buffing powers (Same for all battle muses/pre-clerics)
Con: Increased hit rate
Cha: ...
Sen: Increased Crit Rate

Stat Builds: Kind of like the duals muse.. kind of not.
Str: All your damage comes from this. 1H's arenít notorious for being
strong. But for letting you use a shield that gives you combo
Dex: Well.. you donít need much of this. You still need it though IF
YOU PLAN on doing dodge. Just a secondary strategy though. Keep
it in mind.
Int: you got lots of room for in o_o. Feel free to pump this up really
high as to assure yourself some good stats.
Con: Lots of defense on you <.< You can stand to miss/take a few hits.
Donít worry much about this.
Cha: ...
Sen: Well.. with this much excess stats.. you can do this right? Maybe
just a little bit for a good balance? <.<

Here is an interesting muse build for you. It has a finite amount of options
to it, whilst at the same time boosting and contradicting its own capabilities.
1H weapons give you the option of using a shield. Not only are the 1H weapons
fast, but they also slow you down the second you put on a shield xD Yet at the
same time, not being dependant on dual stats for its damage, you can pump 100%
str to increase the damage greatly. The 1H weapons themselves donít wield any
extraordinary damage, but when you consider the possibility of a shield, youíre
once more left with the option for dual defense. Another benefit to this is
that now shields can have slots in them. Giving you another gem slot to
increase desired stats (if the economy lets you ^_^Wink

Skills: (As Muse)
Meditation Tree: Alright, I may get some diverse opinions here but w/e
=P 1H muses like I've said are 100% str based, but at
the same time they let you have 2 different kind of
defenses. You can wear a shield, which provides BOTH
a defense increase, AND a dodge increase ^_^. So like
your probably guessing I'll say next, EVEN as a
cleric, you'll have skills to help out your defensive
capabilities. At the same time though, for the time
being, you'll have the same skill tree as dual muses
=P. You wont c much of a differance until your a
cleric ^_^
Summon Tree: (Optional)
Spell Mastery Tree: As a 1H user, you'll notice 2 available
opportunities to cash in some damage spells.
First thereís firering, which I've previously told
you about, that makes the enemy take more damage.
But thatís because you want all YOUR hits to
count. Now.. Being a defensive character, you'll
also want to TAKE as little damage as possible.
...and... voila!
Mild: Put as many lvl into this as you want. At lvl 1 it reduces
enemies atk power by 13%. This'll mean a lot when your facing monsters
other then yellow names that will automatically do more damage since
their level superiority decreases the value of your defensive
capabilities. It combo's nicely with a good defense and an offense +
firering. AND at higher lvls (6+) you can par down your enemies atk
speed to the same as yours.. or more
Magic Arms Mastery Tree: (Optional)

Skills: (As Cleric)
Meditation Tree: Hi, my names Mr. 1H muse (I hate my name T.T) I think
that when I finally hit cleric, the only difference
between me and a dual cleric will be our weapon
choice. I'm going to copy exactly what they have and
use it as my own. I love my brother so much :3
Summon Tree: (Optional)
Spell Mastery Tree: *doesnít change*
Magic Arms Mastery Tree: (Optional)

Section 5: 2H muse [XZZ] (Axes, swords, spears)

Stat Effects:
Str: 100% Damage
Dex: ...
Int: Increases buffing powers (Same for all battle muses/pre-clerics)
Con: Increased hit rate
Cha: ...
Sen: Increased Crit Rate

Stat Builds: Wow <.< Kind of like the 1H lol.. Tweak it if you feel it
Str: All damage once more.
Dex: Donít even need this =P Who thinks they can jump out of the way
when hauling around a 100 lb axe? xD
Int: Just like 1H. Plenty of room for lots of this stuff =P.
Con: Kind of like duals.. your slow = = Donít miss.. get some of it ^_^
Cha: ...!!!!
Sen: Under the same circumstances as con.. if you miss it sucks <.<
You can make up for it with crit though.

Much like a mix between a bow or 1H muse. This build provides you with 100%
damage from a single stat (Str). Your weapons will lack attack speed, but will
make up for it in power. Their also cheaper to maintain then its high damaged
brethren; the bow. Unlike the 1H or duals however, your defensive strategy
will be limited to the same as any soldier. Defense is key! Remember to pump
that str, and you'll be helping out all your defensive needs (except M-Def but
who cares =P no one even know how it works yet xD).

Skills: (As Muse)
Meditation Tree: Hey... your a str/defense character now. No time for
the trivial dodge that you wont be upgrading because
its all dex will do for you =P. So you can drop
blessing mind.
Summon Tree: (Optional)
Spell Mastery Tree: Just like 1H weapons. Read that. You lazy bum = =
Magic Arms Mastery Tree: (Optional)

Skills: (As Cleric)
Meditation Tree: You might go for damage support first in this case.
After all thatís what you do <.< If you went for
defense, you wouldnít be helping yourself out much
since the good defense skill has been available this
WHOLE TIME. Battle Support isnít going to help you
out much... Lets face it.. your slow = =. And crit
support will be good eventually, but at this point in
time it'll be best to start off with only ONE high
requirement skill. Crit is better for the faster
attackers in the first place =P You can wait.
Summon Tree: (Optional)
Spell Mastery Tree: guess what... ya.. thatís what I was thinking too
<.< *does..not..* *..not unchanged*
Magic Arms Mastery Tree: (Optional)

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Battle Muse Guide part 2 of 1
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