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 Battle Muse Guide 1

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PostSubject: Battle Muse Guide 1   Battle Muse Guide 1 Icon_minitimeMon Mar 10, 2008 7:43 pm

Battle Muse Guide V.1.0

For future reference, this guide covers all target weapons in different
sections. hit alt +f and type in the specified code for each different weapon.
However it does not (atm) cover ALL weapons.

Katar [XXX]
Bow [XYX]
Duals [XYZ]
1H Weapons [XYY]
2H Weapons [XZZ]

Each section will have a summary of the main contributions provided by each
different stat.

Str = Strength
Dex = Dexterity
Int = Intelligence
Con = Concentration
Cha = Charisma
Sen = Sensibility

I can tell you now that most of your stat builds will not be altered by what
you need at the moment, but by what you will expect to have by the time you
change class. So donít be too disappointed if you havenít started getting any
int until lvl 40.

The easiest way to sum up a battle muse is to think of it with these 3 words...
"Swiss Army Knife" I hope you understood that <.< I shouldnít have to explain
it.... Now that I think of it I probably should ^_^;

Function 1: Solo Artist
Function 2: Part-Time Supporter/Buffer/Warrior
Function 3: Full-Time Warrior

You can do many things with a battle muse, you can assist a FS muse in a party
to keep other buffed and healed, you can strictly solo with them up until its
ineffective (bout lvl 60-ish). Or, as a party member, you can also blend in
with the soldiers and hawkers, and act as a mercenary for hire (free =P).

Just so you know.. I wrote in a little bit about the skill builds having the
"Summon Tree" as optional. Thereís a lot of pro's and con's to having a
summon pet.

Pros: Assistant fighter, not only dependant on your own stats to boost
theirs, but you can also buff them to make them even stronger. Believe it or
not.. I think thatís about all thatís good about them ^_^;

Cons: You're going to get less experience because your pet uselessly steals
some. Your going to be at a serious MP disadvantage, already having a somewhat
smaller mana pool will screw you over if you try to cast a 200MP summon pet >.<
The only summon a cleric can get is phantom swords and elemental; so you'll
waste a lots of SP on Magic Arms Mastery.. So just think about this before you
get the visions of a summoner/warrior muse. Not only this.. but some of your
buffs wont affect them.. Like bless body/armor/mind.

Section 1: Katar Muse [XXX]

Stat Effects:
Str: 40% damage
Dex: 60% damage
Int: Increases buffing powers (Same for all battle muses/pre-clerics)
Con: Increased hit rate
Cha: ...
Sen: Increased Crit Rate

Stat Builds: Its pretty self explanatory for this build. Katar muses will need
lots of dex. Dex for power, dex for dodge, dex to hold the weapon in the first
place ^_^;

Str: Your going to want some of this even if you are doing dex/int. This
will give you 40% of your katars damage. Not to mention itís always
nice to have some extra lesser-stats like HP and defense. (Who cares
how much weight you can carry? xD)
Dex: DEX!!! EAT ME!! Increase your dodge, hold your weapons, and do lots
more damage. This is a necessity; this should ALWAYS be your number
one stat choice.
Int: I donít know what kind of sped wouldnít get this. INT will help you
buff yourself and sometimes your party mates. It'll help you afford
cure. It also combo's nicely with spell mastery. You want to
increase the strength of your buff skills just because no one likes
the builders appliances you get when you buy a house because they work
.. but they suck.
Con: Katars donít need this so much. Maybe put it at 20 (Suggestion). But
when you attack so fast, the misses arenít going to hurt you much.
Cha: I think only dealers really need this =P I'll leave it at that.
Sen: Probably your 3rd or 4th stat choice. This only serves one real
purpose for 90% of us. CRIT!!! Increase how much damage you crit for
and WHEN you crit. We want crit, makes us look better since we have
no battle skills to speak of ^_^;.

This build of muse utilizes the mediocre atk power, and superior atk
speed off claw class weapons. As it is my current project, I've found
both the pro's and con's to the ever popular Katar Muse. For the skills
, I wont be vague or anything to try and cover up my build <.< I'll
just be straightforward with exactly what I have ^_^;.

Skills: (As Muse)
Meditation Tree:
Meditation (10) Its obvious that you max this since you'll need it for
cleric buffs later on. Plus it increases the "small mana pool" that
battle muses are obviously known for >.<
Cure (5) Another obvious skill. With bless body you'll increase you
max HP, which will mean your going to need your HP at its peak, in
comes the usefulness of cure.
Bless Body (5) Increases your max HP, just one of the many ways you
upgrade a character seemingly 10-20 lvls in a few seconds ^_^
Support (3) I actually put this at 4 <.< My mistake though.. 3's good
to get hitting support, its not really useful unless your impatient
like me and want to run real fast all the time :3
Power Support (5) Who wouldnít want this? xD Come on, uber atk power
ownage here. It all starts with a mouse click.
Hitting Support (3) This is useful, mostly because you save lots of
stat points that you might waste in con <.< Lol, I'm serious when I say
Bless Mind (2) This is a rather useless skill =P It might not be if it
gave you all the MP it enlarges your pool by <.< But it donít. You
just need it for evasion aura.
Summon Tree: (Optional)
Spell Mastery Tree:
Spell Mastery (5) Reduces MP costs.. Who couldnít use that? Combo's
well to make up for your "small mana pool" You can and will most
likely put this at higher lvls, but I didnít because I want to save SP
for when I change to cleric ^_^ Want to get a high lvl battle support
and evasion aura.
Firering (1) One of the most underrated skills on the tree =P This
skill will pwn so much for any class that doesnít do much damage other
then in fast hits ^_^
Magic Arms Mastery Tree: (Optional)

Skills: (As Cleric)
Meditation Tree: This is when you get to the fun stuff. If you did it
right you should have saved up all your SP for a long time and have
plenty to spend on those skills you've been waiting for forever =D As
a katar cleric, you have lots of new skills your just itching to try.
Lets get started shall we =D
Battle Support: One of the most popular, with this skill you'll
increase your atk speed by great amounts. If you pumped any int (like
you should have) you'll get even more then you thought you would!
*Zoom Zoom Zoom*
Damage Support: Not everyoneís first priority, because of its high
requirements, but for anyone who enjoys their fast hits, they know
they'll enjoy it even more with higher damage. Starts with 14%
increased damage and works its way up. Every % counts with this.
Sharpening Support: If there was a dream you couldnít catch, and you
eventually got it anyways. This would be it. If you have enough sen
right now to see a consistent crit rate, wait until you've upped it by
40+. Imagine 90+?! Once more though high requirements are in store for
you x_x.
Evasion Aura: Another skill we all plan on getting, some sooner or
later then others. I'm personally going to combo this with battle
support the second I change. Starts with a +20 dodge, but you get 5
per level, so why not ^_^ Just another way to reassure us high dodge
chars that we'll be well protected in the future.
Resurrection: Purely my opinion here, but I want this skill not only
because it'll help me multi-task in a party, but because I have friends
I party with who are also raising battle muses. Just another way we
can look out for each other. I realize you get respawned like 5 feet
from where you die <.< But thatís why at higher lvls you can at least
take some of that XP back >=3
Puri: I'm a little in the dark about this one. It has a good chance
to cure you of bad status changes. I'm not sure about its uses at
higher lvls other then the higher success rate. But hey, if it stops
those nasty lowered atk power/dodge rate curses, by all means get
it ^_^
Summon Tree: (Optional)
Spell Mastery Tree: Nothing new here to get, unless you have to finish
mastering spell mastery or something =P Maybe silence if you bothered to get
mild lvl 5 or something.
Magic Arms Mastery Tree: (Optional)

Section 2: Bow Muse [XYX]

Stat Effects:
Str: ...
Dex: 100% Damage
Int: Increases buffing powers (Same for all battle muses/pre-clerics)
Con: Increased hit rate
Cha: ...
Sen: Increased Crit Rate

Stat Builds: Who needs str? Your all 100% bow-age-ed-ness =P. Pump your
dex and you'll take care of most of your stats. Gives you
some room for more int and/or sen.
Str: Str bow <.<... *hits you on head* NO! GO LAY DOWN!!
Dex: You donít want this >.> After all it only makes you stronger and
more agile.. what were you thinking = =. Anyways, pump this,
pump pump pump *blows up bike tire*. PUMP!!!!
Int: You can get a lot more of this in your early levels now that you
donít have str to tie you down. So feel free to get lots and
lots of it to increase those pathetic deflated muscles you call
Con: Ya.. arrows are pricey.. and strong.. you want to hit a lot :3
So donít get just hitting support. Increase con to hit more.
Cha: ...
Sen: Same as katars. You might want this if you want your bow hits to
get even stronger o_o. Bows are faster then guns/launchers after

Unlike its half dex counterpart; the katar muse. The bow muse is at 2 specific
advantages over claws. One, it doesnít need to invest its stat points into 2
different categories to get 100% damage. Its all dex, which can mean a higher
dodge rate. At the same time (two) it also increases damage at greater rates.
With 100 dex for instance, you can have a 180 atk power with katars, OR you can
have a 280 atk power with a bow (use good arrows - ^). Your atk speed will
take a hit in comparison, but you'll have greatly increased damage AND range to

Skills: (As Muse)
Meditation Tree: Before I go into depth with this, I can tell you that
it resembles EXACTLY.. that of the katar muse skill tree. So just read
Summon Tree: (Optional)
Spell Mastery Tree: Same as the med tree here <.< Just read the claw
muse one ^_^;
Magic Arms Mastery Tree: (Optional)

Skills: (As Cleric)
Summon Tree: (Optional)
Spell Mastery Tree: Eeheeheeeheeheheheh.. <.<.. Read what I put for
meditation tree.
Magic Arms Mastery Tree: (Optional)

Section 3: Dual Muse [XYZ]

Stat Effects:
Str: 56% Damage
Dex: 44% Damage
Int: Increases buffing powers (Same for all battle muses/pre-clerics)
Con: Increased hit rate
Cha: ...
Sen: Increased Crit Rate

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Battle Muse Guide 1
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