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 GM Application YeYoH

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Registration date : 2008-12-22

PostSubject: GM Application YeYoH   Mon Dec 22, 2008 9:02 pm

IGN:YeYoH(not connected yet)
JobClass: Raider(not connected yet)
Home Address:822 Banning Street Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada xD
Email Add:yeyoh03@hotmail.com


Maximum time online:4-10hrs
Maximum days online:5 days

Why do you want to become a GM:

I want to help the community grow,make this the best server of rose,and for experience

Experience and Background being a GM:

I don't have experience but this is my 1st time so i'll help out new players

Why should we get you as a GM:

I played alot of rose and never become GM and i'll be on always to help new players

How can you help us to grow? :

I can invite my friends and advertise on FS(friendster)

Brag about yourself here ^_^:

I love anime,I love vegtable, I love playing comp so i am always on xD
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GM Application YeYoH
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